Riding Mill Taxis

River Tyne

Riding Mill is located close to the river Tyne which is popular for Salmon and Sea Trout fishing.  Batey’s Taxis have operated in the Riding Mill area since 1973, taking people from the village and Riding Mill train station to the nearby villages and hamlets such as Broomhaugh, Bywell and Farnley as well as further afield.

The Wellington Hotel at Riding Mill is another popular destination in the area and can be reached in 10 minutes by taxi from Corbridge, Slaley or Hexham.

If travelling to Riding Mill by train, we advise booking your taxi in advance, as there is no rank or taxi companies based at Riding Mill train station.


Table of Fares From Riding Mill


Taxis ( 4 seated private hire vehicle & cabs)

From To Tariff One Tariff Two Tariff Three
Riding Mill Hexham £13 POA POA
Riding Mill Hadrian’s Wall/Housesteads £42 POA POA
Riding Mill Corbridge £11 POA POA
Riding Mill Newcastle Airport £38 POA POA
Riding Mill Newcastle Central Station £42 POA POA
Riding Mill Humshaugh £25 POA POA
Riding Mill Haydon Bridge £30 POA POA
Riding Mill Slaley £17 POA POA
Wellington Hotel (Riding Mill) Slaley Hall £19.00 POA POA
Wellington Hotel (Riding Mill) Hexham £13.00 POA POA

Other vehicle prices available on request

Wheelchair accessible, 6 seaters, 8 seaters, 16 Seat minibuses & 22 seated minicoach

Tariff 1 Mon – Sat 0700 – 2300

Tariff 2 Mon – Sat 2300 – 0700 & all day Sunday

Tariff 3 Bank holidays & Christmas period.

Taxis tariffs are set by Northumberland County Council hackney carriage & private hire vehicle licensing for cab firms.